Does your casting breakdown call for a BIG guy with a very unique and imposing look? 

Are you looking for an character actor that has 'presence'; one that commands the medium?

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Drawing copyright 2002 Sean Quinn

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I was once asked at an audition: "What do you want to get out of acting?". My answer: I have no aspirations or desires to be a 'star'. I simply would like to be a working character actor, the face you've seen many times in movies or on TV but you really don't know (or care about) their name. I am well aware that with my look and age, I am not and never will be 'leading-man' material and that's fine with me. Playing character types, often oddballs, I don't mind (and actually enjoy) playing the bad guy, S.O.B. the guy you would love to punch-out or get by the neck.  I am equally at home playing a doctor, professor or axe-murderer.

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*Commercial Spot*



*Serial Series Trailer*

*Independent Film*


*Commercial Spot*


In this commercial spot which ran nationally on the G4 network, I am "Smilin' Honest Bill", the recycling guy. My job stinks because all day I have to deal with folks bringing me their cans and bottles.

For this serial series, I play a loan-shark thug, a kind of an enforcer character. Unfortunately, the audio isn't very good on the original so if you want to hear the dialogue, you'll have to crank up your speaker volume and listen carefully. The project was shot in 3D-black & white. This trailer is 2D-black & white.

Elevator is the story of Herschel Heisen, a dysfunctional elevator operator in an upscale apartment building.  Herschel is a bit of an odd character in the story, and I play Herschel.

This commercial spot, made for pseudo.com interactive television features a big guy on a couch in his living room with the TV on.  I am the big guy..

*Independent Film*
The Definition of Insanity

*Independent Film*
Jersey Justice


*Independent Film*
Flimsy Toad Paper

This film follows a struggling actor who goes to auditions rather than jobs that pay the rent.  He ends up in a mental institution where he uses his acting skills as therapy tools to help his fellow patients.  I portray one of those patients in the film

Jersey Justice follows a woman who takes revenge matters into her own hands.  In a prison scene at the end of the film, as a convict, I get to share the screen in scenes with Bo Svenson of "Walking Tall" fame.


Flimsy Toad Paper is an 'arts' film that really has to be seen to categorize.  I can tell you, though, I play the part of "King Toad" in the film, complete with frog makeup.

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Dirt Road Productions - Producers of "The Definition of Insanity"

Browntown Films - Producers of "Jersey Justice"

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